a dash of nostalgia.
a dash of nostalgia.

I just went through a series of gay marriage photos and they make me extremely happy for some reason. I hope to find a man I can spend the rest of my life with some day.

It’s October and..

The first full week has AHS Freakshow and the fourth season of Korra.

What could go wrong?

People on here still follow for a follow. If I don’t like your blog, then I’m not going to follow you back, simple as that. I like substance rather than regurgitated photos, quotes, and lame run on sentence tumblr posts that circulate over and over.

Anyway, I ate 8 slices of pizzas and I’m feeling real crappy right now.

Haven’t gotten high in a while. Why the fuck not.

Apparently I’m really outspoken and friendly, “a people’s person,” according to the people I’ve managed to befriend this past week. Like I said before, I try to give good first-impressions with a burst of energy.. I’m a social person, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone call me introverted but I got brownie points and that’s cool.

But yay, new friends. :-)

Key points about today!

I’m on the fence about doing a deposit for a townhouse or an apartment. They’re both the same distance from work as well as the same price. A townhouse sounds lavish and lovely to lease at my age, but I think it’s going to be too much for me to handle. I’m aiming for the apartment more, because it’s closer to my family, it has a lake view, and it’s going to cost less to furnish. Keep in mind, I came here with nothing but a single briefcase with my entire closet shoved in. 

Also, I paid the deposit for my car being shipped out today! It’ll be here either Thursday or Friday of next week. My mom put a lot of basic essentials in it for me (futons, blankets, pillows, kitchenware, etc.) so that I don’t have to buy any of it when I move out into my new place. She also put one last important thing in there for me: a rice cooker, cause god damn, those things are expensive.. Thank you, mom!

I also made another two new friends today, that I could *possibly* hangout with in this new town. Friendly people, pretty chill, good vibes.

My life is FINALLY turning over a new leaf. I’m doing adulthood pretty well, but with a lot of support and I’m so very grateful. My head is geared towards money right now, and once school starts for me in the spring, I’ll have an even more hectic life!

For now, I’m enjoying the fruits of my labor.

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Felt - Dirty Girl

So there’s this boy.

Bullet list about today cause I’m tired and too lazy to blog.

  • I made a new friend, and it was that girl I talked about before, she invited me to lunch, lol.
  • I got paid today, but I paid for my car repairs and shipping, so I’m back to being back to normal, as if I never got paid. But yay, I get my car soon.
  • I’m on the fence about buying myself that watch, but I think I’m going to go ahead and do it anyway, treat yoself.
  • Feeling really flustered for some reason, can’t really say why.
  • Bought myself some olive desert boots that were 50% off from H&M.
  • Now I’m on tumblr.