a dash of nostalgia.
a dash of nostalgia.

I’m so down to get a pedicure. I have ugly feet that needs pampering. No shame.

This is amazing.

Not gonna lie, I sometimes get annoyed by really sensitive people. I just wish they were a little more abrasive or harsh, if you will. In other words, quit being a wimp all the time.

Building a Bed

There other day, I was surfing around YouTube watching reactions of people eating “foreign” foods and it got me a little annoyed. Because those are every day foods that I’ve been eating since I was a little kid and for them to say things like, “Who the hell would eat this and why?!” struck a nerve. People barely discovering “new” foods is kinda hilarious to me too. 

Go back to eating your bran cereal and boxed Mac N Cheese.

It is 4:47.. I have finally finished constructing the new bed I bought. I also finished the headboard. And this bed has the best story to tell.. but that will have to wait because I’m tired as fuck, my hands are bruised from screwing and lifting, and my lower back is killing me. Gonna sleep like a king tonight.

*rubs hands together* Let’s get started on building this new queen-sized bed I just bought at IKEA.

I’m not going to lie, I’m one of those people who are like ”I liked <insert thing> before it became cool.” Only because I feel like when something gets really popular, people only bandwagon and not have a “genuine like” whatever it is. This mostly applies to music and artists though.

In other words, I’m pretentious.

With people, my goal is to be as tactful as I can be.

Because I know I can be a blunt and abrasive person most of the time, but I often end up offending a lot of people while trying to give the truth and get the point across. So I should work on ways where I could articulate words that give the point concretely and are straightforward, while not offending and coming off as an asshole at the same time.

I’m pretty sure people who have mastered this, probably give great advice.

Growing up, I never really learned how to properly apologize. Whenever I try to apologize, it always comes off awkward and has no meaning. I feel like a simple I’m sorry doesn’t do justice and has basically no substance. The problem is not only that, is that when I get into an argument or a fight with someone (which rarely happens, I get along with a lot of people pretty well), we just drop everything and stop talking for unknown lengths of time. But that usually only happens if I have a good reason to not talk to them anymore. Usually, if it’s something small, I usually try to make up and give a sincere apology, but I always fail at giving a proper apology. I think it comes with my abrasive and vindictive behavior. I don’t hold grudges, but I can stay mad for a long time if I don’t address it with that person. The few people that I have unfortunately cut ties off with because of a fight or an argument, I have stopped talking altogether and I feel like that’s wrong and I should at least try to talk out the problem. Even if they don’t want to be friends, that’s totally fine, but I don’t like having obvious smog covering the air and I want to have things in clarity rather than staying mad at each other until we die. 

It’s just something I’m trying to fix and get over. I think this is why I have the worst trust issues ever. It’s a serious character flaw in my part, and I need to change that.