a dash of nostalgia.
a dash of nostalgia.

Random thought of the day, not really, but I’ve always wanted a defined apollo’s belt.


The potential magnitude of the Sewol ferry disaster is almost too terrible to contemplate. Of the 475 people who boarded the vessel, 287 are still missing.
Search resumes for missing in sunken ferry - Yonhap
Hundreds missing in tragic ferry sinking - The Hankyoreh
What Caused the Ferry Disaster? - Chosun Ilbo
Navy, Coast Guard lead rescue effort - Korea Times
Fears rise for missing in S. Korea ferry sinking - Associated Press
Families of missing face agonizing wait after South Korea ferry disaster - Reuters
Students Among Hundreds Missing After South Korean Ferry Sinks - New York Times
South Korea Ferry Sinking Leaves High School Reeling - Wall Street Journal

Jesus Camp is one hell of a documentary. It gave me a headache [at how stupid as shit it is].

Is it wrong of me to get angry because someone does something so stupid but it was an honest mistake? Either way, I don’t care because I was fine doing this thing by myself and this stupid fuckhead comes along and just ruins everything. Now I gotta restart and do it all over again.

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Toro y Moi - You Hid

What social situations do you dread most?

When I forget someone’s name after meeting them for the second time and they remember my name. It makes me feel like they think that I think that they’re (holy crap, the repetitiveness) not worth the time. But in reality, I just forget things easily. Yeah, it’s so awkward saying hello to them when meeting them. 

My ways for solving this is either hearing someone say their name when they’re being talked to or just ask them straight up, “Hey I forgot your name, what was it again?” Because I’d rather not have the awkwardness escalate. 

But yeah, this is probably the one I dread the most.

I always wonder if people look back at their actions/what they say and think about it critically or reflect upon it. Because it’s something I do constantly and it gets me really thinking about my character. 

When I see someone do something that I find weird or obscure, I always side eye the hell out of them. Because I wonder if they realize what they’re saying or doing is embarrassing as hell. But then again there are some people who just don’t really care. I dunno though, it’s only in my human nature to judge when I see something being done. Usually it’s the things that make me scoff, side eye, or just me expressing my disapproval or scorn with a simple facial expression. 

I don’t even know. It’s just that some things people do that need to be stopped. For example, that, “Senpai, please notice me” shit. Just stop.

I went to Trader Joe’s a few days ago and found Green Tea infused mints and I’m never going back to any other mint. These are amazing and I wish they sold them in bulk. I’d like a whole box of these damn things. These are genius.

I remember living in Ft. Worth, going to the New Year’s there was always amazing. I have this picture of me on a float dancing when I was a kid, creamed with shaving cream and with my trusty water gun on the side, that had two barrels. That was the thing to do at New Year’s back then: buy shaving cream and water guns, and the kids would go all out. Filling balloons with shaving cream or water and chucking it at each other. Then sneaking up and ambushing people with water guns.

Good times, now I’m all old and the festivals don’t allow that kinda play anymore. How lame.

Happy Laotian, Thai, and Cambodian new year.

I totally forgot because my family and I decided not to celebrate it this year. All the festivals has a fee to go in now and I’m like, “No.” What is that? I dunno, but get drenched in water, because it’s supposed to wash away your past self and you’ll be starting anew.