a dash of nostalgia.
a dash of nostalgia.

so my friend and i were talking about ellen page, and he was like, “she’s a lesbian nathan”

i don’t care that ellen page is a lesbian. i’ve always had a crush on her and probably always will. there’s something that attracts me to her, probably her tomboyish personality, but that’s why i’m so captivated by juno. her character speaks volumes to me, and when i first saw juno, i just fell in love with ellen page. 

i feel like she’s like that in real life. god, she seems like the type to hand feed me a hamburger while we listen to some shitty indie-acoustic band.

*watches Anaconda for the millionth time*

thank the lawd for in-n-out pink lemonade. ya boi just downed 3 cups of that stuff.

AHAHAH :D See, you're as funny as always. QTP2T! :* Thanks for the selfies

:* I try to please everyone!



For the past month, I’ve been trying to delete this blog. Like I just want to cleanse myself of this site for a bit. Of course, I made a backup blog but I hardly use that. However, I don’t know how I could give up almost five years of my life that’s been documented on here. I keep questioning if I want to look back, but that’s what I don’t want to do, but at the same time I do.

Tonight I almost deleted but I stopped in hesitation because I would be leaving a lot behind. I just want a new start. If I do actually ever delete this, I’d probably go to my side blog I created just for that moment. Mind you, the people I’ve met on tumblr first came to mind. There are some friendships I’ve built with people on this site for the past years and I feel like I should give an explanation as to where I’m going before actually disappearing from the tumblr universe.

But no need to fret, all I really want to do is to get a brand new start. I need s breath of fresh air, or I could just quit tumblr altogether. It’s gonna take me a while to actually delete though, lol. Like I said, I’d probably be under a new URL if I ever do delete mynightmare.

  • today has been a long day.
  • reviving old artists is a really nice thing to do.
  • tomorrow to saturday are going to be longer days.
  • school is going to start and everyone is going to be busy.. which means no one is going to be able to hang out
  • thinking of transferring schools.
  • i don’t know if i’m still going to texas because problems over there.
  • nujabes, frank ocean, and daishi dance is what’s helping me tonight.
What do you look for in a person who can potentially be in a relationship with you? I've been following you for a bit and I find you interesting.

Ooooooooo, you get straight to the point! I like you. ;;))

Uhmm, to be honest, I don’t even know. A person who is humble? That’s possibly the best trait someone could have.. someone with morals, has a good work ethic, nice, caring, intimate, and is ahead of them self. I’d like to say someone who has their life and shit together, but I don’t even have mine.

I honestly don’t know, I don’t expect much because I can’t give much back either.

Can you please post a new selfie without covering your face? puh-leeeeaaase?! :*


lol jk

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